2020/24 SPECIAL-PROJEKT-EGO: made as individual pieces, each with a message; The sculptures made of concrete, glass and other materials were made within 4 years during the Covid pandemic!
2019 L A G A L E R I E I T A L I E N N E/ AD INTERIEUER/ FRANCE project by Hannes Peer at Hotel des Coulanges/ Paris. Concrete sculpture “BRIDGE” and glass heads “EGO” by Ursula Huber.
2019 FORTRESS/ FORTA FRANZENSFESTE 50x50x50, room installation for MF, room G14: Title: IN THE GOLDEN CAGE real fur, concrete, cord, handmade bronze frame, dimensions: 300x300x200 cm
2018 INSTALLATION-EROSION concrete – wall, Maison Peer/ Rinaudo via Niccolò Jommelli 24, MILANO, Permanent Collection, Honored mention ad AD FRANCE/CHINA/GERMANY/ITALY, ELLE DECORE/ Italia, der STANDARD/A VIDEO and more, Dimensions 300x300x25 cm
2018 PALM BEACH/ FLORIDA, Art Fair, Ursula Huber and Pino Castagna, some of the great works we are presenting in Palm Beach/ Florida, the Berengo Art Gallery and Studio/ Murano/ VENICE/ ITALY
2017 GOLD- Installation, „AURUM TERRAM“, APPIANO/ITALY Permanent Collection, cub open air (concrete & gold)
2015 FORTRESS/ FORTEZZA FRANZENSFESTE 50x50x50 Biennale, Ursula Huber’s spatial installation in the MFR 48, title: “THE BOOM HAS A FACE”. Artwork: “bake small rolls” gift for sponsor LEITNER Ropeways/ Seeber Art Collection
2015 MMM CORONES, Architekt – team Zaha Hadid, Messner Mountain Museum Permanent-Collection: Ursula Huber Glass-Cub with the Gold-Installation “DER GOLDENE SCHRITT”,
2014 PREDOMINANTLY BLACK, My Home Gallery/ Musei Amaci/ Giornata del Contemporaneo with the “EGO” in glass. Ego is a concept developed by the artist Ursula Huber in the year 2000
2013 FORTRESS/ FORTEZZA FRANZENSFESTE, Room-Installation for the MF35, Room 39 “www. KOKON” Life-sized concrete sculptures in a spiral cover made of PVC film. A central neon lighting projects the Silhouette of the cocoons (sculptures) towards the outside, onto the projection surface.
2013 Temporary EXHIBITION, 1 year at the EXZELLENT ART HOTEL “GREIF” BZ/ ITALY with the Art-project “EGO”, Ego is a concept developed by the artist Ursula Huber in the year 2000
2013 MUSEION – Museo d’arte moderna e contemporanea/ BZ, Museion Passage, PROJECT EXCHANGE ART FOR ART by Egger Hannes; the project by Ursula Huber: „WELCHE FARBE HAT DAS LÜGEN?“
2012 MUSEI/ ATELIER DEL CONTEMPORANEO APPIANO/ ITALY, My Home Gallery, project big FLAG/ Digital Print/ Poliester/ Outdoor, title: “LUCE DAL BUIO_EX TENEBRAE LUX”
2011 NEW TRADE CENTER/ BOLZANO, exhibition project: TYPE A PUPPET…BUILT FOR SUCCESS. This work of art was purchased by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano – SOUTH TYROL/ Collection
2011 CITY GALLERY BRESSANONE, Personal Exhibition, title: EROSION/ TEMPLE, introduction: Dr. Eva Gratl and Dr. Arch. Hannes Peer; sculptures – monumental Installation, presentation of a video and a catalog with texts by Boris Brollo, Hannes Peer, Lisa Trockner, and Ursula Huber.
2011 MMM MESSNER/ MOUNTAIN/ MUSEUM/ Firmian, SOUTH TIROL/ ITALY, Caves – Monumental – Installation with the title: “ALPIN EROSION” and the miniature Glass – Installation “SCHUTZ HÜTTE/REFUGIUM” (Permanent Collection)
2011 NEW YORK/ SOFA NEW YORK, ART FAIR, Seventh Regiment Armony Park Avenue & 67th Street New York/ NYC. Gallery Berengo Studio with the glass-project EGO by Ursula Huber
2011 KUNST MERAN ARTE Café, Exhibition for the BIG- PRINT- Installation, Title: “SHOOTING STARS”, text by Lisa Trockner
2008 TOKYO/ Japan „THINK in GLASS“, Gallery Berengo Fine Arts, Personal Exhibition “EGOCENTER” by Ursula Huber ESQ Hiroo 2F 5-10-37, CENTER BUILDING, Minami-azabu Minato-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
2007 ARNHEM/ NL, Installation: “EGO CENTER”, 100 etchings, Glass- heads, Video, pictures by Ursula Huber, in the Netherlands Gallery Berengo Fine Arts, curated by Hans van Enckevort
2007 CHICAGO U.S.A., GBFA, “SOFA CHICAGO” Int. Art Fair Navy Pier, 600E. Grand Avenue, Gallery Berengo Fine Arts, Glass Installation: “EGO CENTER” by Ursula Huber
2006 GALLERY PRISMA S.K.B. Contemporary Arts, Ursula Huber’s Personal Exhibition “FRAGILe”, two installations, monograph and video: curated by Dr. Arch. Hannes Peer Milan/ Bolzano
2006 2006 MIART – MILANO/ ITALY, Art Fair – exhibition M&C “FACE TO FACE” Gallery Berengo Fine Arts, Ursula Huber as invited artist with Glass- heads “EGO”, MIART/ MILAN/ Italy
2005 STEINBERGER GALLERIES, Weikersheim/ D, glass heads “EGO” sketches/ sculptures curated by Sonja Steinberger/ Steinberger-Gallery
2003 VENICE/ ITALY, Gallery Berengo Fine Arts, S. Marco/ Vecchia Farmacia/ VENICE; Personal Exhibition by Ursula Huber “E LA NAVE VA”. massive colored glass – heads EGO, pictures – concrete – works, curated by Boris Brollo,
2003 CHICAGO U.S.A., “SOFA CHICAGO” Int. Art Fair Navy Pier, 600E. Grand Avenue, CHICAGO, Gallery Berengo Fine Arts selected Ursula Huber’s glass-sculptures „EGO“
2002 DENMARK/ EBELTOFT, Museum of Modern & Contemporary Glass, big Installation: “NOAH’s ARC”, Permanent Collection, Technic: Metal, Steel, fused Glass, curated by Dagmar Brendstrup/ DK
2001 TOWN HALL GALLERY Eppan/ Appiano/ Italy, Metal/ glass – Installation, monograph book and Video, “Form – Color – Glass”, Introduction by Arch. Helga von Aufschnaiter, Dr. Egon Tscholl
1997 CITY GALLERY Klausen/ Chiusa/ Italy, glass-ceramik- sculptures and pictures, title: “Image & Glass”; curated by Dr. Joseph Unterer